certificate attestation for studying abroad

In case you are planning to do your higher studies from abroad, you should know that apart from the other formalities, like submission of the documents related to your academic background; it is also compulsory to get your certificate attestation and then submit them as well. This is done as a means for complete verification of the certificates. The following post shall comprise the details on Certificate Attestation for UAE and various pointers one should follow during the process.

The Educational Documents Attestation for UAE differs for a country to country owing to the difference in the international relations between countries. The education documents attestation is nothing but the confirmation and recognition of the certificates by the HRD Ministry of India. The ministry has a department for attestation in every state and the documents will be attested at the department where the certificates have been issued.

Educational Documents Attestation for UAE – Why??

  • Just when you receive your university confirmation from Dubai, you can initiate the process of Certificate Attestation for UAE.
  • The documents and certificates will be deemed original only after they have been attested and recognized by the state department of the HRD.
  • The complete process is very lengthy and involves various offices such as SDM, GAD, Notary, State Home Ministry and Ministry of External Affairs etc.
  • Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE – Stepwise Procedure:

  • The Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE process gets initiated at the Notary office. The documents are submitted to the Notary and get attested. This is called the Notary Department Function.
  • Next, the attested documents are submitted to the Home Department called the Home Department Function.
    The documents are verified, attested and submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for the next attestation.
  • The HRD Ministry attests and verifies all the university and education related documents submitted by the MEA.
  • Once this has been done, the documents are submitted further for the Mantralaya Attestation or External Affair and Embassy Attestation.
  • Finally, the MEA will submit the documents to the UAE Embassy for the last attestation.
  • The Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE will be given once the documents have been verified at the UAE Embassy and MOFA is checked.
  • The MOFA stands for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the attestation is to be done in the country you are planning to study in.
  • This is how the long official process of the Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE is done. The complete process involves a lot of technicalities and can get impeded even if a minor error is done at any stage. And then you have to start from step Zero Again.

    Hence, it is of utmost importance that you choose some expert and capable channel to get your certificates and education documents attested in case you are planning to study abroad.

    Educational Documents Attestation for UAE – Whole Process Made Easy:

    The complex and long process of Certificate Attestation for UAE can be simplified and done easily if you choose some expert help for the same.

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