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  • How can I do certificate attestation in UAE?

    The certificates in original are to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of External Affairs, in the case of India) for scrutiny and attestation. After attestation by MOFA, the certificates are submitted to the UAE embassy at the home country. The certificates, subsequent to attestation by UAE embassy, are forwarded to UAE for final attestation by MOFA, UAE.

  • Is certificate attestation mandatory for a UAE visa?

    Yes. According to the Federal law in UAE, people applying for a residence/ employment visa in UAE have to submit attested certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation is required for all documents such as birth certificate, educational certificates, marriage certificate etc.

  • What documents are required for certificate attestation in UAE?

    The following documents are required for certificate attestation in UAE

    Original Certificate (The requirement may differ depending on the country), Passport copy of the certificate holder

    Visa copy (if applicable),Additional documents, if any, promulgated from time to time

  • How many days will it take for certificate attestation in UAE?

    The time required for completion of the attestation process depends on many factors. Therefore, it is difficult to confirm a timeframe. Usually, it takes about a couple of weeks to a month to complete.