Difference between Apostille and Attestation

People are confused between apostille and attestation. They consider both as the same thing and use it indiscriminately. But, what is the difference between apostille and attestation? We are here to clarify both aspects. Thereby, help you understand the difference between apostille and attestation.

What is Attestation?

The UAE has been witnessing a high influx of ex-pats in search of employment and entrepreneurship. Admission of individuals without necessary qualification can adversely affect the performance of the organizations. Hence, it is necessary to confirm that the certificates each individual submit are original. The federal laws in the country stipulate acceptance of attested certificate only, towards ensuring the same.

Attestation is the certification, of the authenticity of a document, by the competent authorities. Your original certificate will have to be submitted to the offices, beginning at the department where it was issued. It will be scrutinized by the officials before putting their sign and seal, confirming the genuineness of the certificate.

You will have to get the educational, non-educational and commercial documents attested for use in UAE. The certificate will have to be sent to the home country or country of origin. And attestation of relevant authorities including the ministries has to be completed before submitting it for final attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE – MOFA attestation in UAE. You can submit the certificates for use in UAE subsequent to completion of attestation.

Why do You Need to Get Your Documents Attested?

Your documents including educational certificates and commercial documents are invalid without proper attestation. Both the public and private authorities and organizations will reject the application outright if the certificates attached are not attested ones.

Once you attach the attested certificates, the officials don’t have to be concerned about the authenticity of the certificates and the qualification of the individual. They can select the ex-pat, who have applied for a job, establishing a firm or permanent residence status in UAE without any ambiguities.

Attestation is the authentication of your qualifications. Therefore, mandatory for any requirement in the UAE.

What is an apostille?

Hague Convention of 1961 is the basis for apostille. The treaty signed by the nations that were part of the Convention affirms the use of apostille for confirming the genuineness of documents. Accordingly, an apostille certificate will be issued by the country where the certificates including birth certificate, educational documents, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, Article of Association, Memorandum of Association and similar.

The apostille that will have the seals and signatures of authorized officials. It will state that the subject certificates are authentic and are issued by the competent authorities.

However, as stated in the preceding paragraphs, only the countries that were part of the Hague convention in 1961 accept apostille. UAE was not part of the said convention. Making apostille invalid in the country. Thus making it compulsory to get your document attested for use in UAE.

Key Differences between Attestation and Apostille

Let’s have a look at the key differences between attestation and apostille. We have made it into a tabular format for easy reference.

Made according to the Hague Convention Treaty in 1961Formulated according to federal laws in the UAE
The apostille certificate is issued separately. It will confirm the authenticity of the documents and certificatesAttestation is done on the original certificate. You will have to submit all those certificates and documents, that require attestation, to relevant departments and ministries
Established to avoid consular or diplomatic legalization for authentication of documentsConsular involvement mandatory to affirm the genuineness of the documents
It has specifically formulated numbered fields. Thereby, the apostille can be understood by the receiving country irrespective of the language usedAttestation is done on the certificate directly. It can be checked with the sign and seal of the attesting authority. Language is not a barrier.

* Remember that apostille and attestation are not interchangeable. You must submit an attested document for any purpose in UAE.

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