Documents Required For Applying For Jobs Abroad

Anyone applying for a job abroad must comply with the rules and regulations of where employment is being sought. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations for foreign workers, but almost all require a set of documents for processing the work visa or work permit.

The process is similar to applying for a job in your home country, where documents verifying a candidate’s credentials are submitted along with the job application. If you intend to apply for employment in a foreign country, you would need to submit the documents mentioned below, along with your application, to obtain a work visa/work permit. Countries have different work visas, but most expect that individuals have a job offer before applying for a visa. Here are the important documents to submit while applying for jobs abroad:

Valid Passport

All job seekers need a valid, error-free passport to travel overseas. Most countries also require that the passport be valid for at least six months when applying for the work visa/permit. Expired passports are invalid—you will need to apply for a fresh passport, if yours has expired, or expires in less than six months. Keep this in mind, as the renewal of the passport can take time.

Educational Credentials, Transcripts and Credential Evaluation Report

Educational documents are essential for all job openings abroad. Some countries may also ask for transcripts of your university years. These are readily obtainable from the university. Many countries also require an educational credential evaluation report to acquaint with the education system in the applicant’s home country.

A work permit or visa will not be granted if the candidate fails to provide their educational documents. These documents have to be attested for authentication to prove that the applicant is qualified for the position, and no fraudulent activity is taking place. There are cases of people entering countries on fake documents and fake job offers. These checks weed out the fraud applicants.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Candidates must update their CV, and include their education, jobs, internships and any remarkable feat that they have achieved. The applicant can highlight a good GMAT score or a college degree with distinction in their CV and even social work that they may have done or social organisations they are a part of. In short, a CV should summarise professional and educational qualification allowing prospective employers to gauge the applicant’s calibre.

Work experience

Work experience certificate from previous employers makes an excellent addition to the application. It’s an important document required for applying for jobs abroad. It lists the responsibilities and positions held and jobs completed while illustrating skill, competence and dedication. Thereby bettering the prospects of receiving and an overseas job offer. Employers prefer individuals with work experience since they understand the responsibilities and job ethics and do not require lengthy training sessions.

Background Check

Overseas companies may also seek a background check. And for this, they engage the services of a private agency. The agency discreetly carries out the background check and submits its report.

Attested Documents

Attestation of personal and educational documents is a mandatory requirement for employment abroad. The attestation must be done by an authorised agency, in the applicant’s home country. The purpose of authentication of documents is to prevent falsification of claims, forgery and fake documents.

Getting documents verified and attested is a long, complicated process. The document attestation exercise involves getting documents validated through a chain authentication process involving various organisations.

Educational certificates attestation in UAE is done by the respective state’s HRD office. The HRD in each state is authorised only to certify documents issued from the state. Once the HRD attestation is completed, the certificates require to be attested by the MEA. Lastly, the documents need to be certified by the embassy, consulate or high commission of the country an applicant aspires to immigrate.

These are the document attestation procedures that need to be followed in the UAE while applying for an overseas job. And as you can see, the process is not simple. It involves a lot of work that takes time, effort and energy.

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