Reasons for UAE Visa Rejection

UAE has been people’s dream destination to give shape to their ambitions. Consequently, the country witnesses a high number expat turn out each year. The UAE visa rejection rate is in direct proportion to the number of immigrants arriving every year. The attestation confirms that the document has been issued by the relevant organization(s) and the person holding it has all the authority for it. And the UAE authority can permit the entry of the expatriate for the job, entrepreneurship or higher education he or she had applied for.

Do you know the reasons that can cause rejection of your UAE visa application?

If not, go through this article to avoid mistakes and complete the visa process without any difficulties. Alternately, you can talk to our professional team to have a detailed idea about the visa process, attestation of documents and all the other relevant requirements to get a UAE visa.


1. Fake Certificates and False Attestation

The documents and certificates to be submitted for the visa process must be original with attestation from competent authorities. Attestation of the certificates by the authority in the home country and in UAE affirms the authenticity of the document. Fake certificates, as well as, fake attestation can land you in trouble and may result in a lifetime ban. You should never opt for the fabrication of fake certificates or fake attestation by unauthorized attestation services in UAE. Prime Global has been completing attestation formalities in quick time, with the support of our professional, experienced, executives. You may reach out to us if you want any document to be attested for use in the UAE.

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2. Miscreants with Record of Crime

Who would want a fraud to enter their country? The immigrants, who have a history of committing a crime in the UAE, will not be allowed to obtain a visa. UAE authority will reject the application of such persons outright. It is advisable to avoid applying for a UAE visa in that case.

visa application

3. Have a Resident Visa in the Records

Some expatriates, who are holding the resident visa in the country, may return from the UAE after a particular assignment or job. However, they may miss out cancelling the visa. Leading to ambiguity when they apply for a visa again. You need to get the existing visa cancelled in such a scenario to get a new visa issued. Talk to our representative for detailed info regarding the same.

4. Errors in Application

The application for the visa must be filled according to the directives, without any errors. An erroneous application may be withheld or rejected by the authority. Anomalies in the certificates and documents including copy of passport can also result in rejection of the UAE visa application. You must cross check the application before clicking the submit button. The data you enter and the subject info in your document should match.

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5. Persons Deported for Offence

The persons, who were deported from the UAE for crime, will not be permitted to enter the country again. It is not advisable to apply for a visa in that case. As the authority will not delay rejecting the application for the visa. None of the excuses will be accepted by the competent authority in such a case.

6. Unclear Photos

You need to apply for a UAE visa online. All the supporting documents including passport copies are to be uploaded along with the application. Make sure that the scanned images are eligible for the authority to cross-verify in case required. Application with blurred images of the passport will be rejected by the visa approval agency in the country. Scan the passports and other documents in the best possible resolution to preclude this issue.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, the application from persons with a handwritten passport, those who were issued with a tourist or employment visa, however, didn’t enter the country, can also be rejected. You may require to furnish requisite info or submit corrected application forms with supportive documents to get the visa in those cases.

The Conclusion

We have observed that several fake attestation services have mushroomed across the UAE since the past decade. They offer attestation at cheap rates. Many expats fall prey for their trap believing them to be genuine. You may note that fake attestation can turn troublesome for you. The individual will be banned for the lifetime from entering the country, in the case of fake attestation.

Your certificates and documents are of immense value. Assign the task of attestation of those certificates for use in UAE to reputed agencies like Prime Global only. With a 100% result, we are the number one attestation agency in Dubai/ UAE. Contact us today to get your certification through a meticulously prepared process that ensures the safety of the certificates/ documents and completion of attestation in the shortest time possible.

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