Importance of MEA Attestation

The UAE’s immigration laws stipulate that anyone immigrating to the country, for any purpose, must have their academic and professional certificates attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). MEA Attestation is a mandatory requirement. So what is the MEA attestation procedure for UAE? What are the requirements?

Indian citizens whose educational, professional and personal documents originate in India must have them attested by the Indian Embassy or the Indian Consulate in the UAE or by the MEA in India. The purpose of the attestation is to certify the authenticity of each document. The authenticated documents are then forwarded to the (Ministry of External Affairs) MEA of the UAE Government for their attestation and approval. These procedures are a prerequisite before the UAE grants a Visa.

The documents that need verification include degree certificates, diplomas, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s license, business documents, registrations and licenses etc.

Why is MEA Attestation required in UAE?

The UAE immigration rules mandate that expatriates who move to the country for work, business purposes and studies etc., have their professional, personal and education documents attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). The main reason behind this is to verify credentials and weed out fraudulent applications and ensure that those coming into the country have the required skill sets for the job they are being hired to do, and they are who they say they are. The attestations certify that the documents are original and not been faked or forged.

The purpose of attestation of educational documents in UAE is:

  • To obtain a work permit/work visa
  • For higher education in the UAE
  • For medical specialists, medical caretakers, lab professionals, drug specialists etc.

The purpose of non-educational document attestation in UAE is:

  • To obtain a resident visa for a spouse, children, parents etc.
  • For admission into a school using Transfer Certificate

Commercial documents such as Article or Memorandum of Association and Power of Attorney etc., need to be attested. The purpose of Commercial document attestation in UAE are:

  • Company registration
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Ending LLC partnership

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What is the attestation process for UAE?


The procedures of attestation vary, depending on the type of certificate. The certificates are categorised into subgroups. For example :

Educational certificates: These are certificates that pertain to the applicant’s educational qualifications. So, all academic certificates, starting from the High School Certificate (HSC) and Senior School Certificate (SSC) to degree certificates and diploma certificates, need to be verified. Educational certificates are mandatory for a work visa in the UAE.

In case the application is for a study visa, the applicant will be required to submit the migration certificate and school leaving certificate.

Non-educational certificates: These certificates can be personal documents or those related to a company or business. Personal documents include the marriage certificate, birth certificate and death certificate, passport, drivers license etc. In case the applicant is or was employed in India, they must include their work experience certificates.

Individuals who want to expand an existing business or company must submit commercial documents related to their business or company in India. All documents for attestation for the UAE must be submitted in original.

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What is the MEA Attestation Procedure for UAE?

The procedures for Authentication of documents that originate in India depend on the type of certificate:

  • Documents that require MEA’s authentication need to be verified by competent authorities in the State or Union Territory (UT) where the documents originated.
  • Educational documents must be attested by the State/UT Education Dept. or Human Resource Development (HRD) unit. The authentication must carry the name and designation stamp of the signatory along with the department seal.
  • The State Home Dept. or the General Administration Dept. (GAD) do attestation of non-educational documents issued by the relevant State Dept. or UT. The attestations must bear the name and designation seal of the authorised signatory.
  • Commerce and business-related papers are pre-validated by the respective Chamber of Commerce with the rubber stamp bearing the authorised officer’s name and designation.
  • The MEA attests the documents after respective departments have verified them.

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