Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

Birth certificate attestation is compulsory for various requirements in UAE including migration purpose and school admission. The attestation confirms the authenticity of the certificate. The procedure for birth certificate attestation in UAE involves ministries and departments in the country of origin and UAE. Hence, it is a drawn-out process.

The birth certificate will initially be forwarded to the country of origin. After verification by a public notary, it will be forwarded to departments and finally to the Ministry of External Affairs/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA/ MOFA). The Embassy/ Consulate of the UAE in the origin country will sign the application finally. The subject certificate has to be submitted to MOFA in UAE for final attestation of the birth certificate.

The procedure involves many officials from different departments in both the countries. Thus making the task arduous for an outsider. You may not have the exact idea of the process resulting in undue delay in completion of the attestation. Attestation services in UAE can help you by accomplishing the attestation on behalf of you.
Birth certificate is an important document, which is essential for applying for a passport, resident visa and many other official requirements of importance. The significance of a birth certificate needs no further emphasis. Therefore, the document has to be handled with care and should avoid any chances of misplacing or loss. This underscores the fact that you should assign the task of birth certificate attestation to a reliable agency only.

To get your birth certificate attestation in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you need to find the best attestation agency in UAE for assigning the task. Choosing experienced professionals like Prime Global team will complete the attestation of birth certificate in quick time and hand it over to you.

Prime Global has been renowned as the trustworthy attestation agency in UAE. We have a long list of accomplishments since inception. Keeping a great rapport with official authorities and having in-depth knowledge about the procedure, we can conclude the attestation services without any delay. We are one of the leading and most chosen attestation services in Dubai/ UAE.

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Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

Purpose of Birth Certificate Attestation

The birth certificate attestation in Dubai and UAE is necessary for submitting the same for various official requirements. An unattested birth certificate is considered invalid and the application will be rejected by the governmental organisations. An attested birth certificate is mandatory for the following.

  • To obtain a resident visa
  • For school admission
  • To change the name in official documents, including school/ college register
  • For applying for migration

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Documents Required for Birth Certificate Attestation In UAE

The documents and certificates essential for birth certificate attestation in Dubai/ UAE are appended below.

  • Original Certificate issued by the authorities in UAE
  • Passport copies of both the parents
  • Letter of authorization

Procedure for Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

Prime Global follows a stipulated foolproof procedure for birth certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE. We take utmost care to avoid any errors whilst receiving, processing and returning attested birth certificates.

  • On contacting Prime Global, our representative will reach your location for collecting the birth certificate
  • We will enter the data regarding your document into our system for accountability and traceability.
  • We will dispatch the certificate to the home country through our credible courier partner
  • Conclude attestation formalities in the home country
  • Return the birth certificate to UAE for final attestation
  • Final attestation at MOFA in the UAE
  • We will deliver the attested birth certificate at your location

Prime Global is here to help you with excellent service. Several years of experience have made us the best attestation agency in UAE. You may contact us on the hotline number +971569986516 for any queries regarding attestation.
We undertake birth certificate and other certificates attestation services for India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines and many other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is birth certificate attestation?

Birth certificate attestation is the process of authenticating the birth certificate by the country of origin and finally at MOFA in the UAE. Attested birth certificates only will be accepted for official purposes including migration formalities.

What are the purposes of birth certificate attestation?

An attested birth certificate is generally required for issuance of passport, school admission, migration formalities and resident visa.

How do I get birth certificate attestation done in UAE?

The attestation begins in the country where the certificate was issued. After attestation by the relevant agencies in the home country and the Consulate/ Embassy there, it will finally be attested by MOFA in the UAE.

What if the original birth certificate is a laminated one?

There is no need to worry, if your birth certificate is laminated. We will be submitting the same to our professional team, who will be removing the lamination from the back side of the document without damaging the front side and contents in it. Thereafter, the attestations are done on the back of it from where the lamination has been removed.

I am concerned about the safety of the document. What if the birth certificate is missed on transit?

We understand your concern. We ensure safe handling and dispatch of birth certificates and all the other documents. We have exhaustive experience in the field. And we have handled the attestation process properly, without any fail, till date.
Prime Global assures you that we will complete the formality within the shortest possible time and handover the certificate to you safely.