Death Certificate Attestation UAE

Death certificate is a mandatory requirement in almost all countries around the globe. Once the death of an individual is reported, the authorities will enter the data regarding the cause of death, age, sex, location, and other details into the system and issue a certificate for usage during different requirements. Death certificate is the evidence for the next of kin, including children, spouse, or any other blood relative to claim the authority on property, insurance benefits, and the amount held in fixed deposit and so on.

Every country has its rules and regulations for the issuance of the death certificate. The documents required for confirming the death and issuing the certificate will also vary accordingly. An attested death certificate is a mandatory requirement, whenever sought by authorities, in the UAE. The stipulated procedure for death certificate attestation UAE will depend on the laws of the Emirates. Death certificate attestation can be undertaken by the individual, else, it can be assigned to credible death certificate attestation services in UAE.

Although the procedure for death certificate attestation in UAE, India, or any other country has a laid down procedure, it may turn out to be a difficult task for a common person. The lack of awareness about the formalities, the format of application, and the process to be pursued will confuse you. In turn, causing unnecessary time delay. An approved and reliable attestation service in UAE will get the job done on behalf of you, in a quicker time than you imagine.

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Prime Global has offices in India, U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and many more countries. Our trustworthy services have been the reason for our ever-growing clientele. We not only undertake attestation of death certificates but also educational certificates, non-educational certificates, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. In addition, we are the most dependable agency in UAE for legal translation and typing services.

death certificate attestation in uae

Purpose of Death Certificate Attestation UAE

There are varying requirements, wherein, you will have to submit a death certificate. Even though original, an unattested death certificate doesn’t have any value. Death certificate indicates that the person mentioned in the certificate is not alive and this makes the certificate crucial. The authorities will not accept the death certificate without the confirmation that it is authentic. The attestation of the death certificate indicates that it is genuine.

The purposes of the attested death certificate include the following.

  • Inheritance of the property of the diseased
  • Claiming the amount sanctioned as insurance to the next of kin
  • Settlement of legal matters
  • For removing the deceased person’s name from company documents, where he or she was the registered owner
  • For withdrawing money in a fixed deposit on the person’s name
  • Closing the bank accounts

Documents Required for UAE Death Certificate Attestation

The basic documents required for death certificate attestation in UAE are given below. However, additional documents may be required depending on the amendments in rules by the authority.

  • Copy of passport of the deceased
  • Death certificate in Original.
  • If any additional document required, as directed by the authorities, it will be informed to you by our representative

Procedure for Death Certificate Attestation UAE

The procedure followed by Prime Global has been derived after meticulous study and analysis only. The clients, who have availed our various attestation services in the past, have lauded it. The only thing you need to do for any attestation support from Prime Global, including death certificate attestation in Dubai, is to contact us.

  • Our executive will reach your place and collect the death certificate
  • The data about the death certificate and the additional documents handed over will be included in our system
  • We will comply with the procedure and obtain attestation in the country of origin and the UAE
  • Handover the attested death certificate at your location

Prime Global is there for all your attestation, legal translation, and typing needs. Just contact us to get the best attestation services in the UAE. We will conclude the attestation in a quicker time than you imagine and provide you the attested document at your location.
Prime Global undertakes Death Certificate and other certificates attestation services in UAE, India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, and many other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is death certificate attestation?

Death certificate attestation is the process of authenticating the death certificate by the country of origin and finally at MOFA in the UAE. It is a mandatory requirement for using the death certificate in Dubai/ UAE. The authorities do not consider an unattested death certificate valid.

What are the purposes of death certificate attestation?

An attested death certificate is normally needed for property beneficiaries, insurance claims, legal formalities, bank requirements etcetera.

How do I get Death certificate attestation done in UAE?

Contact Prime Global on +971 569 986 516 and we will guide you.

What are the charges for the attestation of death certificate in UAE?

The governmental charges for attestation vary from time to time. You may contact us to know the latest charges.

How much time will it take to get the attestation of death certificate done?

We understand your concern. You may need to urgently claim insurance or settling property disputes or any other similar requirements. We will get the attestation done as early as possible. Alternatively, there is an express service provision too. You may talk to our representative regarding your requirement and s/he will resolve all your queries and doubts.