International law requires you to validate all personal documents when you head to UAE or any foreign country. These include not just academic ones but non-educational ones as well. For the purpose of validation, you need to require the assistance of premier attestation services like Prime Global to make the documents bona fide. Prime Global will ensure verification of your documents by authorized personnel who have been appointed by the official department or authority for the purpose and will put the official seal and signature on the documents.

Importance of Certificate Attestation

As per the official policy of the Government of UAE, all your non-educational documents including personal identity certificates, such as related to birth or death or marriage, and medical certificates must be attested by your country’s Embassy/Consulate. A further stage of the attestation procedure is for validation of the documents by the UAE Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This attestation of documents is crucial for all types of Visa, including a family residence Visa and an employment Visa.

The professional attestation services of Prime Global will provide you with swift and competent personal certificate attestation services which is secure, reliable and cost-effective. As a premium attestation service provider, Prime Global is fully committed to providing high quality attestation services for all your personal documents/certificates for UAE. You can apply for personal certificate attestation across UAE with Prime Global, which has offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Non Educational Document Attestation

Prime Global will ensure that all your non-educational documents are authenticated. We provide attestation services for the following non-educational documents:

  • Marriage Certificate Attestation :

    Attestation of a marriage certificate is essential for a family Visa. The attestation will certify that the marriage certificate is authentic as issued by the concerned Department and that the seal and signature on the certificate is 100% genuine.

  • Birth Certificate Attestation :

    Attestation of a birth certificate is as imperative as that of an academic certificate. An official seal and signature of authorized personnel will confirm that it is authentic.

  • Death Certificate Attestation :

    Attestation of a death certificate involves the procedure of an official appointed by the authorities to put the official seal and signature the death certificate, thereby being a witness to it and validating it.

  • Medical Certificate Attestation :

    Medical Certificate Attestation for UAE requires that it be stamped with an official seal and signed only by personnel who are authorized to do so. This will confirm that the medical certificate has been issued by the concerned authority/department and that the information in it true and legitimate.

Prime Global offers all the required assistance to complete marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, medical certificate attestation and death certificate attestation for UAE.

Prime Global also offers attestation services for other non-educational documents such as Leaving Certificates, Police Clearance, Power of Attorney, Bona-fide Certificate, Registration Certificates, etc. Quickly get in touch with us at our hotline number +971569986516.