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Prime Global, a reputed and reliable document attestation agency in the UAE, offers accountable attestation services across the country.

Educational Certificates Attestation

Educational document attestation is mandatory for higher education, employment and other relevant needs.

Non-Educational Document Attestation

Assign us with the task of attestation of non-educational documents including marriage certificate, birth certificate, police clearance certificate an...

Commercial Document Attestation

Get the commercial documents attested for use in UAE to start a company, establish a commercial entity or set up a business.

Medical Certificate Attestation

We provide attestation services of medical documents issued by both private and Government healthcare centres.

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Experienced staff to handle your marriage certificate attestation in UAE to ensure the attestation is properly fulfilled.

Birth Certificate Attestation

Get fast and reliable birth certificate attestation services in UAE without any delay or spending a lot of money and effort.

MOFA Attestation

We have a team of experts to complete the MOFA attestation in UAE in the shortest possible time. Our professional team will carry out the MOFA attesta...

Power of Attorney Attestation

We complete your Power of Attorney attestation in UAE, providing end-to-end assistance on the process of legalization.

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  • Why is attestation important?

    Attestation is a mandatory requirement in the UAE. The authorities in the country would accept only attested educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. Attested documents are required for resident status, higher education, employment, etc.

  • Can Apostille be used in the UAE in lieu of attestation?

    No. Apostille is accepted only in those countries, which were participants of the Hague Convention in 1961. UAE was not a member of the convention. The country accepts attested documents only.

  • What is the validity period of attestation in UAE?

    The validity period depends on the type of document. Each type of document will have a specific validity period. Contact us to know about the validity of a particular document.

  • How much is the charge for attestation?

    The UAE authority has some nominal charges for attestation of the documents. The charge will depend on the type of document.

  • How long will it take for completion of attestation in UAE?

    The time taken for completing the attestation formalities depend on the type of document. You can rely on us to get the attestation done in the shortest possible time.