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  • Is US certificate attestation compulsory?

    Attestation is a mandatory formality whenever you are submitting the document to any country other than the country from where the document was issued. This is the methodology prepared towards prevention of usage of fake certificates and documents. The foreign country will not accept an unattested document.

  • How will you ensure timebound attestation of documents in the US?

    The professional staff at our office in the US will track the documents for concluding the attestation in a time bound manner. Our cordial relations with the official authorities and the thorough knowledge about the attestation process help us in completing the attestation formalities in a stipulated time frame. 

  • What is the rate for attestation of a US document?

    The rate changes from time to time. Further, it will depend on the type of document to be attested. You may contact us to know the latest charges for attestation of US documents. 

  • Where is your office located? Should I come to your office to hand over the documents?

    We have offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE. You don’t have to come to our office to hand over the document for attestation. On contacting us, our representative will arrive at your place to collect the documents. 

  • Which all documents do you accept for attestation?

    We accept all educational, non-educational and commercial documents for attestation. Besides the US, we undertake attestation of documents issues in India, UK, Australia, Philippines and many other countries. You may contact us on +971569986516 to know more details.