The norms of international law makes it mandatory for an individual, group or company planning to move abroad for widening their business prospects, ensure that all commercial documents are attested so that it is considered authentic and valid as per the foreign country’s legal system.

Prime Global offers commercial document attestation services in UAE. Each and every specific document related to the commercial business/establishment must go through the route of verification, of being corroborated as legitimate. This mandatory method of attestation, of proving the document to be genuine, is required for all types of business-related aspects. For example, you will require commercial certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi to open a bank account there. Similarly, you will need commercial certificate attestation in Dubai if you wish to open a shop there.

Commercial Document Attestation Services in UAE by Prime Global

There are plenty of documents related to a commercial venture which are required to be authenticated. Prime Global offers attestation services for the following commercial documents:

  • Invoices: Whether it is an Export Invoice or a general Company Invoice, Prime Global will complete the attestation process for you.
  • Certificates: Attestation services for Certificate of Origin, Certificate of incorporation, Shareholders Certificate, Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing, Change of Company Name Certificate – all these are routine matters for Prime Global.
  • Agreements & Memorandums: Contractual agreements between co-owners or with franchise partners, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and the like all require authentication by an official seal and signature of authorized personnel. Prime Global will provide all the requisite information about the attestation procedure for these types of commercial documents for UAE and carry out the necessary attestation services to your complete satisfaction.
  • Reports: Chemical and Physical Analysis reports that may be required for starting certain types of commercial ventures also require to be authenticated. Prime Global will accomplish the goal of getting all your required reports attested for UAE.
  • Board of Directors: Documents related to the Board of Directors of a company set up in UAE need to be attested. Prime Global will do the needful, quickly and efficiently.
  • Packaging list: The packaging list of goods of your business is expected to be attested as per the law. Prime Global offers the necessary commercial attestation services for packaging lists.
  • Power of Attorney (POA): In case you hand over the power of attorney of managing your business to a third party, the POA needs to be authenticated by the official department/authority. Prime Global UAE attestation services will get this done for you.
  • Trade License: To validate your Trade License, you need the official seal and signature of the concerned authorities. This attestation will be completed in time for you by Prime Global.
commerciaol document attestation

How to Get Commercial Document Attestation in UAE

The documents required for Commercial certificate attestation in UAE may differ with respect to the country of origin. You may contact Prime Global. So that our representative will advise you regarding the documents required.The detailed procedure for completing attestation and legalization would be briefed to you by our team members. With the support of Prime Global – the best attestation services in UAE, you don’t have to worry about the detailed procedure for attestation and the complications involved during the same. We are here to take your load. So, you can concentrate on developing the business to the next level.Contact us now, if you are looking for reliable and convenient Commercial document attestation services in the UAE. We undertake Commercial document and certificate attestation and legalisation services around the UAE. Wherever you are, we will reach you.

Prime Global offers all kinds of attestation services for commercial /certificates from various countries, including those in Asia. Get in touch right away with our customer-friendly staff at our hotline number +971569986516.

How to get commercial document attestation in the UAE?

There is a specific procedure promulgated by the federal for attestation and legalization of the commercial documents. The document has to be submitted for scrutiny and attestation to various departments such as the commercial chamber of commerce.

What are the purposes of commercial document attestation?

Setting up of a new company, changes in the constitution of the business agency, change in organizational structure, the establishment of the branch in a foreign country etc are some of the reasons for commercial document attestation.

What is the procedure for commercial document attestation in the UAE?

The procedure has been stipulated by federal law has to be followed for attestation and legalisation of commercial documents. It included scrutiny of various departments for assessing the authenticity of the document prior to attestation.

Why do we need commercial document attestation?

There are various commercial documents prepared according to federal law for various business-related purposes. Attestation affirms the authenticity of the documents.