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We offer attestation services in UAE for educational, non-educational, and commercial documents from almost all the countries around the globe. Reach out to us now.

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Rendering exceptional attestation services for educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. Drop us a message to get your certificate attestation done in the UAE.

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Prime Global is a highly reputed premier document attestation company in UAE with offices in strategic locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The highly skilled people at Prime Global provide quality attestation services of all types of certificates and documents for individuals, groups and companies.

Educational document attestation

Degree, Diploma, SSC/HSC School leaving and all educational certificates.

Commercial document attestation

Power of Attorney, Certificate of incorporation, Shareholders Certificate and all commercial documents.

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  • Which are the countries you offer attestation services for UAE?

    We provide attestation of documents for UAE, from almost all of the countries around the world. The countries include India, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, Brazil, and the Philippines, etc.

  • How do you ensure the safety of the document whilst dispatch and return of the document for attestation to and from the home country?

    We observe a systematically prepared process, for ensuring the safety of the documents.  Besides keeping a track of the same. Further, we use the service of a renowned and well-established courier partner for the dispatch and return of the documents.

  • What is the cost for attestation of the document?

    The authority in the UAE has specific charges for attestation of different documents. We have different attestation service packages, for you to choose from. Select the one according to your urgency, Trust us to provide you with the most affordable service.

  • What if an unattested document is submitted for official purpose in the UAE?

    An unattested document is not considered valid in the UAE. The application would be rejected outright if anybody is submitting an unattested document with that.

  • How many days will take for document attestation in UAE?
    Normally, the attestation procedures will take 08 to 10 days. However, there may be slight delays due to unexpected reasons. You can seek help from top attestation agencies such as Prime Global.